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    Workbook mitakes


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    Workbook mitakes

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    Find the mistakes and correct them

    W B
    Find the mistake in each of the following sentences:
    1-When do you first meet your best friend?
    2-Do you worn a school uniform?
    3-What are you doing at three o'clock yesterday afternoon?
    4-When did you started to learn English?
    5-What did you do since the weekend?
    6-While his speech, the light went out.
    7-He just arrived at the party.
    8-I'm not decorating my room yet.
    9-Ayman lent a football from Osama
    10-After finished the secondary school. He entered the university.
    11-Having writing the letter, he put a stamp on it and took it to the post office.
    12-I know him for 5 years.
    13-It's ages since I have last gone to a football match.
    14-Hani bought those glasses last year, and is wearing them ever since.
    15-Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin,the larger city in Ireland, in 1667.
    16-Ireland belonged from Britain at that time.
    17-Swift died on 1745, at the age of 78.
    18-His most famous book was Gulliver's Travels, which were published in 1726.
    19-He also wrote other famous book, including A Modest Proposal.
    20-I like Gulliver's Travels, although Gulliver has exciting adventures.
    21-It is also very funny to reading about the small people of Lilliput.
    22-A next book I am going to read is A Modest Proposal.
    23-In June 2006, I've visited my uncle in Australia.
    24-I've sent you an e-mail earlier this morning.
    25-When my father come home, I was finishing my homework.
    26-I've just seen my friend Nadia. She's going shopping with her mother.
    27-Football players pass the ball to each other until one player can win a goal. .
    28-Space scientists has to work in large, complex teams to send people into space.
    29-Elephants and gorillas live in large family groups to bringing up their young.
    30-In a recent experience, scientists showed that birds can cooperate on complex jobs.
    31-The birds could see the food, but to get him into their cage, they had to pull pieces of string attached to the box.
    32-Scientists found that they could successfully learn many pairs of birds to get their food in this way.
    33-Crete is the island in Mediterranean Sea and is a popular place with the tourists. It is a largest Greek island.
    34-Japan is large group of islands in Pacific Ocean about 300 kilometres from a east coast of Russia. The 125 million people live on islands.
    35-Australasia consists of the large island of Australia and a number of the smaller islands. A capital of Australia is Canberra.
    36-Why do you think the arrive of the adults changes the way the boys behaves.
    37-A plane carries a group of boys crashes near an island.
    38-A good leader is someone is understanding and respected.
    39-But then the boys start to have a disagree.
    40-Some boys believe there is a frighten animal on the island.
    41-That's least interesting book I've ever read.
    42-The most tall building in our city is the Central Bank.
    43-English is more easier to learn than Chinese.
    44-When someone has climbed a big mountain like Everest, he feel fantastic.
    45-What do you think are the main reasons of accidents on mountains.
    46-We use How many with uncountable nouns.
    47-This car factory does parts for cars and buses .
    48-Have you ever meet a famous person?
    49-When you pay with money, you pay in credit.
    50-I don't like meat. I prefers to eat fish .
    51-Something that contains new and interesting ideas is traditional.
    52-The children of our children are called our grandparents.
    53-Ali is the faster runner in our school.
    54-I'd like to be the doctor when I'm older.
    55-Monajogs the internet for long hours every day.
    56-Egypt, Greece and Italy are all on a Mediterranean Sea.
    57-My father was a sailor in the army.
    58-The children in Lord of the Flies were kind to each other.
    59-How long are you been learning English?
    60-What is the more enjoyable thing about learning English?
    61-In the past, Egyptian children didn't used to learn English until they were 11 or 12 years old.
    62-People describe today's world as a local economy.
    63-Diamond necklaces are cheap pieces of jewellery.
    64-People who come third in a race win a gold medal
    65-My grandfather was a sailor in the army.
    66-I will lend you my calculator after I had done this sum.
    67-What is your marry status?
    68-When we lost the match, we were in a light corner .
    69-Amgad is the best of the two students.
    70-The school building last year is going to collapse .
    71-Chemical fertilizers are organic. 72-This is the girl who father is a farmer.
    73-They suffer from thirst , there is no food. 74-He have been watching TV.
    75-He never is late. 76-He will help us, will he?
    77-ashore means onto land by the side of the mountain.
    78-Serious is the adjective of happiness. 79-After had reading , he slept.
    80-A harpoon is a sharp wood used for hunting whales.
    81-We can go on a flight on a ship.
    82-The purpose in buildings is to protect people.
    83-Insulating buildings keep out heat and cold. 84-Buildings have sloped roofs.
    85-I mended the watch meself. 86-She dressed her self and went out.
    87-The patient is insulating from others. 88-No one will visit him, will he ?
    89-How long had you been wait to get on the bus?
    90-I had been having this car for five years before I sold it.
    91-The result of the match is very disappointed.
    92-Shakespeare wrote a collect of poems.
    93-Moby Dick was an intelligence whale.
    94-If I found any money at school, I'll take it to one of the teachers.
    95-I'll tell you if I saw anything unusual.
    96-If you haven't taken those photos, I wouldn't have remembered our holiday.
    97-When he heard the news, he was talkative. He said nothing.
    98-I didn't understand the lecture. It was completely meaningful to me.
    99-The President made an unexpected advertisement this morning.
    100-Don't worry for your exam. I'm sure you'll pass.
    101-I've lost one of my school books. Can you help me look at it?
    102-Holidays in Egypt are popular for all kinds of tourists.
    103-They went dismissing while they were searching for the treasure.
    104-A lot of people admire the nationalization of ancient Egypt.
    105-Ibn Batuta was a famous Arab exploiter.
    106-Historical land is used for growing crops and keeping animals.
    107-Egypt has very beautiful landslides.
    108-A lot of tourists visit this place to enjoy the duty of nature.
    109-It is knowing that people have lived in the desert
    110-They arrested at the airport last week.
    111-He is operating on at the moment.
    112-You must to eat lots of fresh fruits because they're very good for you.
    113-When I was born,. my parents have been living in their flat for three years.
    114-You say it's very expensive to live in the city, and I don't agree.
    115-I hope I tind myself a flat that's not too cheap so that I can afford it.
    116-Asia is the biggest country in the world.
    117-We couldn't get into the car because our keys were opened inside.
    118-If the film hadn't been funny, I wouldn't laugh.
    119-I enjoy history, but I'm not so keen in geography.
    120-My father's lost glasses was found in the garden.
    121-We will keep out of oil in twenty years ..
    122-The train's pilot asked for my train ticket.
    123-Two farmers ran out of the ambulance and carried my sick friend in to the hospital.
    124-You needn't take things that don't belong to you.
    125-Today, almost any information you need must be. found on the internet.
    126-When we arrived home, we saw that our lights have been left on.
    127-When a volcano disappears, it sends dust into the atmosphere.
    128-Ice at the Antarctic and the Arctic is freezing because of global warmmg.
    129-Michael Crichton wrote a book about phonetic engineering.

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